Distance: 15-25 minutes from Dive Centre
Looking for a very nice drift dive in Nusa Penida? Read here everything you want to know about PED, SD Point, Sental, Buyuk and Tugu drop offs. Very nice dives for divers of all levels.

The north coast of Nusa Penida offers among the most beautiful drift dives of Bali. Flue dive sites stand out around the same area. SD, Ped, Sental, Buyuk and Sampalan.

It is in fact a very wide drop-off, about eight kilometers long, along which the current will carry you throughout the site. When there is little current you will stay around your starting point on the same dive site. But if the current is stronger, your drift dive may take you through several of these dive sites! The current is generally stable and the diving is very pleasant. However, you must remain vigilant to rip currents and downdrafts. When dining with the |right instructor, safety will remain the first objectiue
Ped, SD Point, Sental, Buyuk and Sampalan
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