Distance : 35-45 minutes from Dive Centre
Manta Point is one of the most famous dive sites in Bali. Because this is where you can, almost every day of the year, due with a MANTA RAY. The dive site gets its name because of the colony of Manta rays that established residence in its deep water. We have usually the chance to admire them when they come up into shallow water to get rid of thee parasites with the help of small reef fishes. The dive starts with a sandbar that brings us to a first cleaning station. Manta point is famous for the Mantas, but it is also an incredible dive site their everything can show up. We also often see there Bamboo sharks and blue spotted stingrays. It is also a highlight to see smaller organisms, like rare species of nudibranchs, Zanzibar shrimps, Porcelain crabs. We recently met an awesome crown Jelly fish.
Manta Ponit
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