Distance: 5-8 minutes from Dive Centre
Blue Corner is located at the end of Nusa Lembongan, and is a very famous drift dive special for experience divers. Having done a back-roll off the boat, you descend to a slope which starts at 10m, has pretty soft corals, and where you may see pufferfish and boxfish, sea snakes, lionfish, nudis, scorpionfish, barracuda, triggerfish and angelfish. The current takes you round to the point, "The Corner", where there is a deep vertical wall, with a convenient overhang at around Z5m that provides useful shelter.

Blue Corner is usually full of fish such as sweetlips, as well as sharks, big Napoleon wrasse, big tuna, Marble and Eagle rays, Giant trevally and other marine life including, in season, special for Mola-Mola (Ocean sunfish). It is not always possible to reach the corner due to the currents which can be changeable. Temperatures vary from 20-28'C as thermoclines are not uncommon here. Visibility is 15-30m.
Blue Corner
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